Why You Need To DECIDE

whyyouneedtodecide_blogThis excerpt is from book DECIDE: The Ultimate Success Trigger, by Author Jim Palmer, Your Dream Business Coach

Deciding and moving forward, and taking corrective action if necessary, is one of the main traits that separate ordinary entrepreneurs from highly successful entrepreneurs. Deciding is the one thing that can trigger success like nothing else.

Confidence comes from success, and success comes from moving forward. And moving forward faster comes from the ability (and confidence) to make fast decisions and implement them.

As you read my blog posts, books, and watch Newsletter Guru TV and listen to Stick Like Glue Radio, you can always count on me to be candid and blunt with my suggestions and recommendations, and you can also count on me to share some straight talk about what it takes to achieve significant success as an entrepreneur… to grow your Dream Business.

I hope you DECIDE to move forward in your business today.

Jim Palmer – Your Dream Business Coach

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DECIDE: The Ultimate Success Trigger, by Jim Palmer



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