Head Trash Will Hold You Back

head-trash-will-hold-you-backThis excerpt is from book DECIDE: The Ultimate Success Trigger, by Author Jim Palmer, Your Dream Business Coach

Head trash is real, and left unchecked, it can be a real business crippler… or killer. The remedy is the same as if your kitchen trashcan were overflowing with garbage and “smelling up the joint.” The solution? Easy, take out the trash!

Because the problem of Head Trash is pretty pervasive among entrepreneurs, I asked members of my Dream Business Mastermind to take a few minutes and share their stories of Head Trash so you will know that you are not alone in your own struggle.

Brad Szollose, consultant and best-selling author of Liquid Leadership, shared this with me: ‘…This head trash isn’t really conscious, but it becomes a gut feeling. You feel stymied or that you can’t move forward.’

Gary George, Founder and CEO of Blazin Multimedia, shared this with me regarding the head trash he overcame: “My head trash happened when I started my television show. No one wanted to join me, and I had to go at it myself. I felt like I would have more courage if I were working with others. I felt really uneasy that others didn’t share my vision, but I shook that off and moved forward, and the show became a huge success. Then everyone came out of the woodwork to help.’

Everyone has fears but what separates most entrepreneurs from highly successful entrepreneurs is their ability to DECIDE to push through and step out into a space and place that may be uncomfortable… But guess what – all BIG growth happens outside your comfort zone.

Jim Palmer – Your Dream Business Coach

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