Helping you pay the least amount of tax you can legally pay

Tax season shouldn’t make you lose your mind…or your hard earned cash. Reduce your stress and put more money in your pocket with our Personalized Tax Planning System.

  • Keep more of your hard earned money where it belongs…
  • Get clarity on the trajectory of your business through year over year tax analysis..
  • Implement long-term financial goals and a clear path to retirement…
  • Level up your tax strategy to increase your returns
  • Implement an easy system to increase organization and reduce money management time…
  • Feel confident knowing you have experts in your corner who can advocate on your behalf…
I have saved clients

in taxes so far!

Because your job is to run your business

…not become a taxation expert…

  • You may be giving the IRS a big tip that they don’t deserve!
  • You are cutting into your hard earned profits that could be used to reinvest into your business, take your family on vacation or pay for your kid’s college.
  • You end up with cash flow issues at tax time due to improper planning or disorganization.
  • There is nobody advocating for you to ensure the accuracy of your submission.
  • You see the looming tax season with dread and have sleepless nights over the amount of paperwork you still need to catch up on.
  • You have to put off expansion projects, investments, and new hires just to pay your tax bill.

STOP giving away your money and book a Tax

Planning Discovery Call

Our step by step process will take you from taxation trouble to money master as we work with you to correct past mistakes and lower your tax bill.

  • Personalized attention with 1 to 1 consultations
  • Review of past tax returns
  • Full analysis and recommendations
  • Charitable tax strategies
  • Additional little-known tips and tricks  
  • Customized planning based on your personal tax situation
  • Follow up meeting 30 days later to ensure nothing slips through the cracks 
  • Time saving steps that are easy to implement
  • Business Entity Analysis
  • Judgement free zone – We’ve seen ALL the messy money situations!

Our Personalized Tax Planning System is for you if…

  • You are done with the headaches and stress of tax season
  • Your current tax strategy is non existent, ineffective or a shot-in-the-dark approach
  • You take in a minimum 100K net profit (not gross) annually
  • You are shocked by your tax bill and are ready to put more money in your pocket.
  • You don’t have the time to think about or plan for a long term financial strategy
  • Any tax savings you have managed to receive are quickly lost in the competing demands of the business

Book Your Tax Planning Discovery Session Now. Let’s see if it’s a fit and you are in the right position to get a huge ROI from tax planning and put more money back in your pocket. 

We are so confident that we can help you save money that we personally guarantee a 2:1 ROI for qualified applicants*- You will get twice your investment back!

I could not be any happier with the tax and accounting services of Diane Gardner. She has saved our family over $40k in taxes. As I move to being an independent contractor, Diane has helped me with tax strategies that will help to reduce my future burden! She even has a heart of a teacher! I recommend her to any physician or business looking to be more proactive with their taxes and bookkeeping.
Dr. Darko

Equal Access Health, Duncansville, PA

A technician doing their own taxes is like an accountant installing their own HVAC system…you don’t know what you don’t know…

Scott is our typical client…

He owns a growing tech company, but like most CEO/technicians his time was eaten up by the day-to-day running of his business. He never had time to learn tax secrets and systems and he dreaded the mountain of paperwork and the final bill he was presented with every tax season. His approach to taxes was reactive and filled with resignation. He knew he was paying too much but he didn’t know where to start or even if he wanted to invest the time into looking into his options.

Scott finally sat down with us and was amazed at the options he was presented with. Through working with us he was able to take his tax saving over 5 years and purchase a commercial building that is now completely paid for. And now…he is paying himself rent. We set up two different tax entities to save taxes and create cash flow that is now setting him up for retirement. Plus, the building he owns is an asset he can choose to sell or rent out…

All this happened because he sat down with us and we built him a long term strategy. Needless to say Scott no longer fears tax season and instead happily thinks about where he is going to invest his savings.

Tax time should never be a DIY project – leave the hard work to the experts and give yourself peace of mind that you are doing the best you can for your family and your business!

I am already so much time does this process take?
You start with one meeting with Diane, submit your documents and she handles the rest!
I'm concerned about the legalities and questionable “loopholes”.
Every strategy we use is backed up by IRS code and is court tested. We stay abreast of all new and updated tax laws so that you can take advantage of every strategy, tax write off and legal process.
Will it cost me more money for the tax plan than I’ll save?
We are so confident that we can help you save money that we personally guarantee a 2:1 ROI for qualified applicants. You must bring in 100K net profit annually to receive full benefits from this program. We will tell you up front if we can’t save you more money than the cost of the tax plan and we’ll share with you some profit building strategies to ensure that you do.

Remember: The strategies you learn are more than just the taxation for this year…we will be setting you up to succeed well into the future.

What about past tax returns - can they be fixed?
If we see something that we can fix in your past 2 years tax returns, we’ll dig deeper and amend it to get you an additional refund. One client received an additional $73,000 by going through this process! He was on cloud nine! Imagine getting money back that was rightfully yours?

Have more questions?

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