Highly Successful Entrepreneurs DECIDE

StayOutOfSquishyvilleBlogPost#2This excerpt is from book DECIDE: The Ultimate Success Trigger, by Author Jim Palmer, Your Dream Business Coach

When a decision needs to be made, you essentially have three options: “yes,” “no,” or “I’ll think about it.” The last option leads directly to Squishyville.

As an entrepreneur, your ability to get more comfortable accepting and managing risk and making faster decisions will help you grow a more profitable business in less time.

Highly successful entrepreneurs have an uncanny ability to see opportunity, assess a situation, quickly and deliberately consider the pros and cons, and then DECIDE and move on. They make a decision and act – one way or the other, and they build greater momentum moving their businesses forward.

My great friend, Melanie Benson Strick, known as America’s Small Business Optimizer, says, “Far too many entrepreneurs are the impediment to their own success.”

Being indecisive will slow you down. It’s like tying an anchor around your waist, or in terminology that I prefer, it’s like trying to get your boat up on plane while dragging your anchor.

Even if time later proves that you made a wrong decision, you can always take corrective action and keep moving forward. Forward progress is the goal.

Indecision leads to paralysis. Indecision leads right to Squishyville. Remember, success is NOT a straight line. It is perhaps the most crooked line you’ll find!

Jim Palmer – Your Dream Business Coach

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