The Importance of Mindset

the-power-and-freedom-of-simply-being-youThis excerpt is from book DECIDE: The Ultimate Success Trigger, by Author Jim Palmer, Your Dream Business Coach

Mindset does play an important role in your success, so I want to touch on it and the importance of how your beliefs will shape your success.

Without a doubt, your results are the product of your thoughts, and your thoughts drive your action or, in some cases, your inaction.

As my personal mindset coach, Melanie Benson Strick has taught me invaluable lessons about mindset, so I’ll take a moment here to include her thoughts on mindset:

First, let’s define mindset as a combination of the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that you hold about your life, your business, and how much success you can create. 

If the strategy you’re using isn’t working at the level you want, I’ve found it’s almost always the lack of the right mindset…

Your business becomes your greatest personal growth tool. We learn so much about ourselves and what we’re capable of…

For success, there are two components that have to be in place. There has to an internal mindset that is causing you to be able to take the right actions. We might think of it as the fuel for the machine (our business) we’re creating. Then there has to be an external strategy that’s designed to achieve the level of success we want. What I’ve seen, having coached people for so long, is that if you have one without the other, it’s like trying to walk on one leg. You will wobble.

“I can’t afford that” is the single most limiting thought you can ever have. Rather than making that statement, turn it around and ask, “What do I need to do in order to have it?” By doing that, you are opening up your creativity and the possibilities.

Jim Palmer – Your Dream Business Coach

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