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Print Marketing

The printing process can seem intimidating with all the technical jargon and complexities involved. That’s why I appreciate businesses like Print Fast that prioritize making the experience friendly and informal. Translating this to my own work, I’ve realized just how crucial clear communication is. It’s not about using big words or complex terms, but about conveying ideas in an accessible way. 

I chatted with Bill McGowan from Print Fast. Reflecting on the importance of post-service customer interactions, he stated, “If you forget about your customers, they will forget about you.” His words reminded me of the value of maintaining relationships with clients in any industry. 

After all, it’s all about human interaction at its core.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Print Fast’s extensive experience in printing since 1903
  • Focus on service and quality rather than price
  • Specialization in working with home service businesses
  • Importance of maintaining relationships with customers
  • Utilizing thank you cards and personalized postcards as marketing tools
  • Importance of understanding homeowners’ needs
  • Need for a 12-month marketing plan with repetition and consistency
  • Creating a positive homeowner experience in the home service industry

The key moments in this episode are:

  • [00:04:15] – Specializing in home service businesses  
  • [00:09:04] – The three stages of every business 
  • [00:11:12] – The importance of retaining clients
  • [00:12:12] – The effectiveness of thank you cards as a marketing tool  
  • [00:20:03] – The significance of marketing throughout the year 
  • [00:22:07] – The importance of consistent marketing 
  • [00:24:16] – Creating a 12-month marketing plan 
  • [00:27:13] – The need for ongoing marketing efforts
  • [00:32:49] – The Homeowner Experience Pack 
  • [00:35:31]- The Importance of Referrals 
  • [00:38:42] – Creating a Wow Experience
  • [00:44:29] – Focus on Helping, Not Just Making Sales

“Yeah we always say the bar is set so low all you have to do is just step over it you don’t have to jump you don’t have to pole vault you just got to step over it and you can make a huge impact out there in your world whether it’s roofing electrician hvac plumbing landscape it doesn’t matter what it is but just step over the bar do a little something extra and people will remember you and they’ll talk about you and you’ll get the social buzz that you’re wanting that type of thing.” Bill McGowan

Specializing in Home Service Businesses

Print Fast has carved out a niche for itself by specializing in working with home service businesses. Since 1994, they have been serving providers such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies, and have expanded to work with roofing, windows, siding, landscapers, and garage door replacement companies. The common theme among these businesses is the need to communicate effectively with homeowners to ease the conversion process and reduce anxiety when making home-related purchases.

The Importance of Post-Service Engagement

Bill believes that the post-service stage is critical in building a strong relationship with customers. He advises against ignoring them and suggests keeping them on a mailing list and sending them literature to stay in the loop. He mentions that it’s more cost-effective to retain a client than to find a new one.


The Power of a Simple Thank You

Bill and I agree on the power of a simple thank you card. In service industries where data is collected, not sending a thank you card or adding customers to a newsletter list is a missed opportunity. Print Fast offers customizable postcards with the homeowner’s name, details of the service provided, and cost, which only costs $0.74 including postage.

Understanding Homeowners’ Needs

Bill emphasizes that homeowners are not interested in fancy buildings or large operations; they want friendly, reliable service providers who will show up on time and do the job correctly. Focus on conveying this message through their websites and marketing materials.

Consistent Marketing and the 12-Month Plan

Bill compares marketing to the Coca-Cola logo, which is seen everywhere in a 7-Eleven store. He emphasizes the need for repetition and consistency in marketing efforts to build brand recognition and trust. He advises businesses to stick with their marketing efforts and not jump ship too quickly.

Creating a Positive Homeowner Experience

Bill emphasizes the need to change the perception that homeowners have based on past experiences with service experts. To achieve this, he suggests using a homeowner experience pack that includes materials to clearly communicate that the company is different and committed to providing excellent service.

The Power of Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Both Bill and I agree that customer service in the home service industry has generally declined, making it easier for companies to stand out by providing even average service. It’s important to exceed expectations and go above and beyond to create a positive impression.

About Bill McGowan

As a third-generation owner, Bill McGown, continues leading PrintFast as known for their difference being their experience. Since 1903 they have been creating printed products, on-time and on-budget every time. 

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