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I'll Find You $50,000 in Profits in 30 minutes With a Live Profit Accelerator Simulator On Our Profit Impact Call

Generate Profit Acceleration With Small Incremental Changes 

If doubling a penny over 31 days can bring you $5,000,000 – then why wouldn’t you use that same compounding principle in YOUR service business? 

It’s so powerful that you will no longer have to spin your wheels to reach an extra million in revenue, you simply need to make incremental changes in areas of your business to create a huge profit acceleration. 

So much easier right? 

Success is achieved through small, incremental changes in multiple areas of your business.

Let me show you what I mean… 

Think of this simulator as creating compound interest for your company. 

If you want to double your profits, you likely don’t need more than a 3% increase in the 12 areas of your business.  And when this 3% gain is multiplied over these areas, you will generate dramatic profitable gains for your home service business. 

The beauty of this is that it’s completely doable with very little disruption to your business PLUS it’ll impact the valuation of your business dramatically.  


Let’s go through the Profit Acceleration Simulator together.

All I need is your annual revenue, gross profit margin and net profit margin and I’ll step you through the simulator, ask you some questions about your business to discover the true impact of a conservative estimate of Profit Acceleration initiatives on your business. 

“The concept of taking your profit up front as we get paid for jobs is a game changer. This concept alone is worth the price of the class! I had never thought about this before and had always wondered why there never seemed to be enough profit left over.”


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And if you wish to know MORE about Profit First before your call here are some great resources. 

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