How To Maximize Profits By Building Stronger Customer Relationships

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Customer Relationships

Just had a fascinating discussion with Daniel Dixon from SendJim about customer relationships, measuring ROI and tracking the effectiveness of our marketing channels. It’s a challenging task, but one that can really pay off. As a takeaway, we learned that it often starts with identifying the lead source. A simple question like “How did you find out about us?” can go a long way.

It’s not just about acquiring new customers, it’s about engaging with the ones we already have. Many businesses have a large customer base but fail to tap into this goldmine. It’s time to explore fresh strategies!

In this episode, Daniel and I discuss:

  • What SendJim does for home service businesses
  • Importance of understanding the lifetime value of customers
  • Strategies for customer acquisition and maximizing customer lifetime value
  • Importance of deepening relationships with customers
  • Marketing to an asset list and exploring different marketing strategies
  • Measuring ROI and tracking the effectiveness of marketing channels
  • Benefits of physical mail in legitimizing a business
  • Importance of follow-up sequences and building relationships with customers
  • Assistance and resources offered by SendJim for marketing questions and support

The key moments in this episode are:

  • [00:02:13] – The importance of maximizing the lifetime value of customers
  • [00:03:20] – Utilizing customer relationships to generate revenue 
  • [00:05:54] – Hyper-targeted customer acquisition strategies 
  • [00:10:34] – Marketing to the Asset List  
  • [00:11:37] – The Power of Old School Marketing  
  • [00:15:25] – Measuring ROI and Tracking Lead Sources  
  • [00:21:15] – The importance of different types of leads  
  • [00:22:12] – Building relationships through follow-up sequences 
  • [00:26:20] – The profit leak of not marketing to existing customers  
  • [00:32:08] – The video is entertaining  
  • [00:32:34] – Importance of nurturing customer relationships 

“The biggest opportunity or profit leak is not marketing to your existing customers. That is just such a massive… when a company… goes to sell their business… the buyer is really buying a customer list… that list is insanely valuable… so why don’t you… go squeeze that profit out… you’ve paid for it… let’s drink all of it… they want your service and as long as you do the right thing and market to them appropriately, they’re going to spend more money with you.” Daniel Dixon

SendJim: A Game-Changer for Home Service Businesses

SendJim’s mission is twofold. First, they help businesses find customers through effective customer acquisition strategies. Secondly, they focus on maximizing the lifetime value of current customers. This is achieved by increasing the frequency and number of services they use and enabling businesses to charge more for their services.

Daniel emphasizes the importance of understanding the lifetime value of customers. He believes that this understanding can significantly impact a business’s profitability. I couldn’t agree more. Deepening relationships with customers and providing a great experience can make businesses the logical choice for future services, without customers needing to shop around for other options.

The Power of Marketing to an Asset List

One of the key insights Daniel shared during our conversation was the importance of marketing to an asset list. This refers to existing customers who have never been marketed to before. Many businesses have a large customer base but fail to engage with them beyond a monthly email.

Daniel suggests that businesses should explore other marketing strategies to maximize their return on investment (ROI). I shared my own experience with mailing out a paper newsletter instead of relying on email. Customers often hold onto the newsletters for a long time and come back to discuss the topics mentioned.

Measuring ROI and Tracking Marketing Effectiveness

Measuring ROI and tracking the effectiveness of different marketing channels is vital to customer relationships . Daniel acknowledges that it can be challenging, even for marketers and business owners who understand the numbers. Start by identifying the lead source and training salespeople to ask customers how they found out about the business.

It’s vital to utilize different types of leads. Mail is effective in legitimizing a business and stands out compared to ads on social media or Google.

Building Relationships and Following Up

Daniel also discusses the importance of follow-up sequences and building relationships with customers. SendJim automates thank you follow-ups for their customers, which helps to build relationships and inform customers about other services they offer.

I agree with Daniel’s point and add that building relationships with customers is crucial, especially post-COVID. Scheduling follow-up calls during slower periods can keep the team busy and customers feeling valued.

The Importance of Marketing to Existing Customers

Daniel concludes by highlighting the importance of marketing to existing customers. He explains that when a home service contractor sells their business, the value is often in the existing customer base.

About Daniel Dixon

Daniel became the CEO of SendJim in 2019. Prior to becoming to that, Daniel served as a military officer in the United States Air Force and worked in corporate America as a business consultant for a nationally recognized consulting firm. During his time as a consultant, Daniel founded a carpet cleaning business and really found a passion for entrepreneurship and small business. In addition to his role and SendJim, Daniel owns an epoxy garage floor coating company with his brother.

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