It’s All About The Questions

Diane Gardner guest starred on the amazing podcast, It’s All About The Questions – with Laura Steward

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Two things in life are guaranteed: death and taxes. At least that is how the saying goes. But what if the taxes part did not have to be as big a number as you think it has to be? What if you could use the system to lower your taxes? Would you?

My guest today is one of 400 certified tax coaches in the United States and is all about tax strategy. You know that strategy is my favorite word so I had to have her on my show. I have been blessed with wonderful tax planners and accountants during my life but not everyone has access to one or even understands the difference in the type of tax professionals.

Tax strategy is all about meeting with your tax professional more than once-a-year when you drop the box of receipts on their desk and say what do I owe. It involves them getting to know you, your business and your goals. What it is not is just preparing the tax return.

My guest shares some simple and often overlooked key strategies you can use in your business to immediately begin reducing your taxes. We also discuss what can be deducted as a business expense when dining and vacationing and what cannot.

This is a not to be missed episode, well I think they all are! Stop paying more in taxes then you have too!

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