Getting Coached on your Taxes

I had a fabulous opportunity to be interviewed by Kelly Roach on her show Unstoppable Success Radio



Taxes– no one likes doing them. It is so much easier to send them off to someone and let them do the work– right? But are they really getting us the best return? Cue tax planner and coach Diane Gardner!   In this episode, Diane (who has helped people save 1.1 million dollars in taxes) is sharing with us things we didn’t learn in school. Sharing the biggest places to save and what we need to look for when we file our taxes. We need to be looking for the biggest saving! Make the mindset shift. Sometimes we need to ask for help and get someone to come in and take a look. Seeing it from a different perspective can change the whole outcome. Putting your company in the right position to save more money. If your company is in the right position, it can save so much more money and you can pay the lowest amount in taxes possible Make sure you are putting money away for when you retire. Think about YOU. We don’t know where our companies are going be in 20 years so save money now so that you are prepared.   We are looking for the biggest return on investment. Know that the person who is doing your taxes doesn’t have the same mindset as you, an entrepreneur. Take control of your taxes and finances, make sure you are seeing the bigger picture. Look for the little things that can save you BIG in the future! 

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