Real Estate Rockstar Podcast

I had a fabulous opportunity to be interviewed by Pat Hiban on his show Real Estate RockstarPodcast

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Costly tax mistakes cut into agents’ profits year after year, and you could be throwing away thousands with each tax return! Diane Gardner, a tax coach who has saved her clients over $1 million in taxes to date, joins us to discuss the top tax mistakes made by real estate agents. Diane covers how agents can get the most out of common deductions, including the home office deduction and auto-related deductions, and why agents shouldn’t be scared of the IRS. She also offers some unique strategies agents can use to pay as little on their taxes as legally possible. Pay close attention to today’s Real Estate Rockstars and hear how to save big on your next tax return!

Do You Have A Plan To Increase The Profits In Your Service Business?

What If You Are Throwing Money Out The Window?

Do  You Know The Health Of Your Service Business?



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