Freedom Formula for Physicians Podcast

Diane Gardner guest starred on the amazing podcast, Freedom Formula for Physicians Podcast – with Dave Denniston, CFA



Have you been wondering- how you can pay less in taxes?

If you have been grappling with these kinds of questions or if you are simply curious about them, you are going to love this podcast episode. 

Diane’s goal is to make sure successful entrepreneurs across the United States are paying the least amount of income tax they can legally pay.

As a tax coach, she offers a FREE tax analysis for those interested in finding out if they are overpaying their income taxes. Her goal is to save taxes one business at a time through the use of pro-active tax planning.

As a matter of fact, I ran across her because I heard her in another podcast and thought she could add a ton of value to you.

I know we’re going to learn a ton!

Do You Have A Plan To Increase The Profits In Your Service Business?

What If You Are Throwing Money Out The Window?

Do  You Know The Health Of Your Service Business?



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