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Diane Gardner guest starred on the amazing video podcast, StandOut  –  with Cheryl Tan

Standout video

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 It’s certainly not easy to start over. Just ask Diane Gardner, an accountant who has had to do it more than once.

After the most recent reinvention, she realized she needed to make some big changes to her business model or her business just wouldn’t survive.

She knew she needed to expand her reach, and attract customers who were not only in her zip code, an area that has only 6000 residents. That meant going way outside her comfort zone.

If you are an introvert, or feel as if marketing isn’t for you, this interview will help you see the power of what I like to call education marketing, and how sharing your knowledge can be a game changer for your business.

Diane lays her plan out for the STANDOUT audience, and how she has used marketing strategies to grow her business and bottom line.

Do You Have A Plan To Increase The Profits In Your Service Business?

What If You Are Throwing Money Out The Window?

Do  You Know The Health Of Your Service Business?



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