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Discover the unexpected twist that propelled Justin Wise from ordinary to extraordinary. Dive into a world where engagement trumps content creation, and relationships with influencers become the gateway to success. Witness how a chance encounter with an industry expert transformed everything for Justin, leading him to unimaginable collaboration opportunities. Brace yourself for a story of connection, growth, and the power of building meaningful relationships. Can you guess who this industry expert turned collaborator is? Stay tuned as we unravel the astonishing twist in this story of triumph and transformation.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Identify how strategic content creation lays a strong foundation for your business’s expansion.
  • Perfect the techniques of creating content that deeply engages and intrigues your prospects.
  • Formulate strong bonds with influencers and industry titans to amplify your business’s reach.
  • Learn the smart ways to recycle your content effectively for wider audience coverage.
  • Embrace challenges and keep up the content creation momentum for enduring business growth.

The key moments in this episode are:

[00:01:52] – The Content Machine
[00:03:09] – Getting Noticed Online
[00:06:02] – Emulate and Engage
[00:10:40] – Finding Opportunities
[00:16:15] – The Importance of Content Creation
[00:18:34] – Unfairness of Content Creation for Small Businesses
[00:19:25] – Being “All In” with Content Creation
[00:20:44] – Repurposing Content from Churches
[00:24:00] – How to Learn More and Get Involved

“Emulate and engage with influencers in your industry who have the audience and the business that you want. Emulate their content structure, posting frequency, and engage with their audience. Put your own spin on it and create your own unique identity.” – Justin Wise

The pivotal role of content creation in business growth
Content creation is no longer an optional task for businesses; it’s as essential as paying taxes and maintaining clean records. It’s the ultimate tool that allows your business to narrate its story and draw attention from clients. Without investing time and effort into this necessary activity, businesses risk losing competitiveness and market share.

Tactics to charm and retain prospects with captivating content
To attract and retain prospects, businesses need to generate engaging and authentic content. Instead of constantly creating new material, Justin’s ‘content machine’ system encourages repurposing existing content across various platforms. This approach not only saves resources but also allows you to resonate with different audiences while driving home a consistent message.

Networking with influencers and experts for brand growth
One of the potent strategies for business growth is building relationships with influencers and industry experts. Justin highlights the importance of engaging with these individuals, even suggesting that business owners create a dream list of people they wish to emulate. By reaching out and establishing connections, businesses open doors to a multitude of growth opportunities such as collaborations, speaking engagements, and interviews.

About Justin Wise:

In 2010, Justin was a broke in a dead-end job making $30,000 per year… with a new baby on the way and no clue how to make ends meet for his growing family. Having never started a business before, he didn’t have an MBA and knew virtually ZERO entrepreneurs……but he knew how to get noticed.

He launched his first business and within 90 days was making in a month what he used to make in a year. Since then, Justin sold 2 businesses, generated millions in revenue, and consulted with New York Times bestselling authors to global brands and everyone in between. 

On a mission to liberate business owners from the tyranny of cashless content. Building:

Connect with Justin:


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