How to Stop Overpaying on Your Taxes with Diane Gardner

Apr 28, 2015 | 0 comments



Diane Gardner just guest starred on the amazing podcast, Well Kept Wallet, with Deacon Hayes.


Here are some of the questions Diane answers in this episode:

  • What a Tax Coach is and how one can help you to maximize your deductions and therefore maximize your profit.
  •  Why selecting a tax professional is like dating and the attributes you should be looking for to land the right one.
  •  The main ways entrepreneurs overpay on their taxes, including writing their businesses under the wrong entity type, and how to mend it to start saving money.
  • Documenting your mileage information correctly by keeping written logs through your phone’s app, an Excel spreadsheet or other forms of documentation.
  • How to qualify for home office deductions by having a dedicated space in your home for your business.
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