How to Stop Overpaying on Your Taxes with Diane Gardner



Diane Gardner just guest starred on the amazing podcast, Well Kept Wallet, with Deacon Hayes.


Here are some of the questions Diane answers in this episode:

  • What a Tax Coach is and how one can help you to maximize your deductions and therefore maximize your profit.
  •  Why selecting a tax professional is like dating and the attributes you should be looking for to land the right one.
  •  The main ways entrepreneurs overpay on their taxes, including writing their businesses under the wrong entity type, and how to mend it to start saving money.
  • Documenting your mileage information correctly by keeping written logs through your phone’s app, an Excel spreadsheet or other forms of documentation.
  • How to qualify for home office deductions by having a dedicated space in your home for your business.
Do You Have A Plan To Increase The Profits In Your Service Business?

What If You Are Throwing Money Out The Window?

Do  You Know The Health Of Your Service Business?



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