How To Get Referrals & Triple Growth In Your Home Service Business

Ever felt stuck on how to expand your home service business without spending a fortune on marketing? Tune in to this episode of the Profitable Home Services podcast where I get to talk once more with expert Joe Pallo, author of “How to Sell Nothing”!! Joe’s insights last month were invaluable and now he’s back to unlock the secrets of referral-based growth. Joe equips you with immediate, powerful strategies for harnessing referrals. This isn’t just a conversation—it’s a turning point for your business strategy. Join us and discover how to tap into the goldmine of referrals!

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You’ll learn how to:

  • The significance of referrals for expanding your business 
  • How to shift your mindset about referrals to open doors for more opportunities
  • A tried-and-true script for asking for referrals
  • Strategies to overcome the fear of rejection when asking for referrals
  • How to ask for referrals with confidence (and build trust in the process with clients)
  • How to identify opportunities to ask for referrals in service businesses 
  • To set realistic goals and track referrals


Key Moments:

[00:01:09] The Quickest Way to Grow Your Business

[00:08:25] Asking for Referrals in a Confident Way

[00:09:28] Simplified Referral Task

[00:16:13] Mindset Shift about Referrals

[00:19:09] Overcoming Objections in Referral Asking

[00:20:45] Referrals and Marketing

[00:24:16] Earning the Right to Ask

[00:30:05] Silver Bullet Referrals



The Art of the Referral: A Conversation with Joe Pallo

I had the pleasure of welcoming back Joe Pallo, a distinguished author and speaker, for part two of our enlightening discussion. Joe, the mind behind “How to Sell Nothing: The Logical Way to Make an Emotional Sale,” joined us to dive deep into the world of referrals—a topic that’s often underestimated yet paramount for business growth.


The Untapped Potential of Referrals

Referrals are the lifeblood of any thriving business, and Joe’s expertise shines a light on just how crucial they are. He shared his remarkable journey of growing his coaching business exclusively through referrals for a decade—without the crutches of a website or social media. This approach may seem unconventional, but it underscores the sheer potency of word-of-mouth recommendations.


A Mindset Shift for Success

As someone who has recently signed up for Joe’s coaching program, I can attest to the importance of altering our perceptions about referrals. Joe advocates for a mindset shift, comparing mastering referrals to the learning curve we experience in other sales areas. It’s about intentional practice and focused improvement.


The Strategy Behind Asking for Referrals

One of the golden nuggets from our conversation was Joe’s script for asking for referrals. It’s about building trust and engaging clients in a dialogue about their positive experiences before popping the question. This strategy transforms the referral ask into a natural extension of the service provided, rather than an awkward request.


Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

Many of us dread the potential rejection that comes with asking for referrals. Joe’s advice? Treat it like any other sales process. Expect some initial resistance, but don’t let it deter you. Having multiple approaches and being prepared to address objections can significantly ease this process.


The Cost-Effective Growth Strategy

Joe pointed out a fascinating aspect of referrals—they cost nothing. While maintaining an online presence and investing in marketing are beneficial, referrals are a powerful addition to these efforts. They can lead to exponential growth without additional financial investment.


Breaking the Traditional Sales Mold

We also discussed the common misconception that referrals should only be asked for at the end of a meeting. Joe challenges this notion, suggesting that the right moment for a referral ask is when a genuine relationship has been established, regardless of timing.


The Commodity Conundrum

Joe highlighted a common pitfall for service providers, like financial advisors, who wait to prove their worth before asking for referrals. He argues that this mindset inadvertently reinforces the idea that their services are a commodity. Instead, he encourages recognizing the trust already established with clients and capitalizing on it.


A Practical Approach to Referral Asking

Joe shared practical tips for incorporating referral asks into your weekly routine. Setting a goal for how many referrals to ask for each week and tracking your progress can create a focused and measurable approach to growing your business through referrals.


The Power of Silence and Confidence

Mastering the art of asking for referrals also involves being comfortable with silence and exuding confidence. Joe suggests that when you receive a referral, asking the referrer who else they think of when they think of that person can lead to additional referrals.


The Local Advantage for Home Service Businesses

For home service businesses, the opportunity for referrals is immense. Neighbors talk, and seeing work being done locally can naturally prompt inquiries. Joe emphasizes that every interaction is a chance to ask for a referral, potentially leading to more business in the same area, saving time and resources.


About Joe: Having sold many millions of dollars in goods and services across industries including financial services, technology, and agriculture and trained 100’s of top producers to exceed their own aggressive sales goals, Sales Coach and Game-Changing Trainer to Top Producers Joe Pallo attributes success to one powerful truth:

Making an emotional connection with clients matters more than any sale made with logic.

Drawing from 35+ years of commission sales and 30,000+ sales calls, Joe Pallo is a top sales producer who first earned his hard knocks and big rewards with door-to-door selling. He’s developed proven systems and processes through which 100’s of top producers double or triple their business without investing additional time. Clients include non-profit organizations, defense contractors, financial advisors, the top mortgage broker in the United States, and an Olympic champion and flag bearer.

A powerful storyteller quoted on and beyond who coaches, teaches, and trains by powerful and memorable example. Joe is the first to say that whether you are selling chicken sh*t, financial services, or high technology, the same core principles apply.

Clients work with Joe on a one-on-one basis, through group training programs, and through keynotes and breakout sessions at industry conferences and special events. Joe’s book – How to Sell Nothing: The Salesperson’s Guide to What Really Happens during a Sale —shares the logical way to make an emotional sale and can be an excellent primer to share with everyone on your team to start the culture shift in your organization instantly.

Joe financed his Bachelor of Science degree from North Dakota State University by selling books door-to-door for the Southwestern Company of Nashville, Tennessee. He also developed other college students to run their own individual sales organizations under his leadership. Joe served as a sales trainer with the Tom James Company, worked with numerous startups and family-run businesses, and consulted with Fortune 500 companies.

In 2017, Joe quietly debuted Sell Nothing, LLC to bring his passion for helping businesses in the areas of sales, coaching, training, consulting and speaking. His relationship building skills have brought quality clients to his care and service since – without having a website or any social media presence to speak of.

As a coach, he focuses on making sure that the basic sales principles are understood and implemented. He adds a layer of accountability while also training and modeling relationship building skills.  

Combining these key ideas, clients improve their results beyond what they ever dreamed was possible, while welcoming more success in less time and with greater ease. Now that things are successfully cooking with gas at Sell Nothing, LLC, Joe has debuted this website and a LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Profile so he can touch and transform the careers and lives of more top performers worldwide.

On the personal side, Joe is married to his best friend Lisa. They live in Shoreview Minnesota and have four children. Evidence of his over-achiever personality, the goal was to have three kids. A home improvement nut, Joe has built everything from forts, playhouses, stages, swings, and tree houses to chicken coops. He quips that it was all for fun because he won’t break even on the chicken coops for 17 years. Always looking for more projects for the kids or – as his wife likes to say — another reason to buy a new tool. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, camping, and cooking.


Connect With Joe:


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