How To Delegate To Maximize Profits, Freedom & Success

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How To Delegate

Ever wondered how to build a successful team and increase bottom line profit? Brigham Dickinson, the president of Power Selling Pros and founder of the Power Certification Program, shares his insights on matching responsibilities with the talents of each team member. He discusses his new book “Something to Give” and shares his insights on transitioning from being the sole decision-maker to empowering team members in home service businesses. By emphasizing the importance of delegation, Brigham provides a step-by-step guide on how to offload responsibilities effectively with five key steps that can lead to freedom and success in business.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Brigham’s new book “Something to Give” and his shift in mindset
  • Transitioning from being the sole decision-maker to empowering team members
  • The importance of delegation and offloading responsibilities
  • Introduction of Brigham’s book and pre-orders
  • Importance of understanding employees’ strengths and preferences
  • Five key steps to freedom over income, time, and mental well-being
  • Building a successful team and increasing bottom line profit
  • Taking care of the team through mentoring and providing multiple options to customers
  • Overcoming challenges and building a company that is built to last
  • The “STOP” acronym for navigating transitions and finding new purpose
  • The power of a smile, being present, learning from opposition, and finding peace

The key moments in this episode are:

“I’ve figured some things out by transitioning that mindset from something to prove and to something to give to give other people if that makes any sense at all.” Brigham Dickinson

The Power of Delegation

Brigham’s new book, “Something to Give,” is a testament to his journey of self-discovery and leadership. After installing a CEO at Power Selling Pros, Brigham experienced a shift in mindset. He moved from constantly proving himself to realizing the importance of serving and helping others in his organization. This change allowed his team members to step into the limelight and find fulfillment in their work.

It’s vital for home service business owners to transition from being the sole decision-maker to empowering their team members. Start by identifying the responsibilities you can offload to team members. Write down each responsibility on sticky notes and then select one to keep. This exercise helps business owners envision offloading most responsibilities and allows team members to be challenged and fulfilled in their roles.

The Challenge of Letting Go

Brigham acknowledges that this transition can be challenging for business owners who are used to being in control. However, he highlights the importance of delegation and how it can lead to freedom and success in business. Carefully delegate responsibilities by using sticky notes and properly assigning them to employees. As these responsibilities are gradually taken off, business owners will experience newfound freedom over their time and have the opportunity to focus on other aspects of their company.

A Systematic Approach to Delegation

Brigham’s book, “Something to Give,” provides a step-by-step guide on how to delegate and offload responsibilities effectively. He mentions that pre-orders for the book are available on his website, It’s important to not randomly assign tasks to employees but instead understand their strengths and preferences. When employees feel heard and valued, they become more engaged and motivated.

Five Key Steps to Freedom

There are five key steps that, if followed, can lead to freedom over income, time, and mental well-being. Brigham mentions that many business owners struggle with losing their sense of purpose after selling their company, and these steps can help overcome that hurdle.

Building a Successful Team

Brigham shares his insights on how to build a successful team and increase bottom line profit. He emphasizes the importance of investing time in getting to know your team members and their strengths and weaknesses. By observing their interactions with homeowners and assessing their leadership qualities, you can identify potential leaders within your team.

About Brigham Dickinson:

Brigham Dickinson is president of Power Selling Pros and founder of the Power Certification Program, a call-handling training program that holds teams accountable to booking calls and creating Wow! experiences over the phone.

Brigham started Power Selling Pros in 2009 when he saw that call handlers needed assistance to consistently convert calls to bookings. As a result, Dickinson answered the need and created the Power Certification Program to effect change in his industry’s call centers in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The purpose of the Power Certification Program is to partner with contractors and certify their CSRs to deliver a world-class customer experience. The program guarantees that contractor call-handling teams will book at least 85 percent of their calls and wow more customers.

Dickinson’s company holds teams accountable with a combination of online training, call monitoring, regular one-on-one phone-based coaching, and in-person training—all supported by a vast library of prerecorded calls that showcase best practices.

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