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Here are some items I cover in the report!

• Avoid or Defer Income Recognition
• Max Out Your 401(k) or Similar Employer Plan
• If You Have Your Own Business, Set Up and Contribute to a Retirement Plan
• Contribute to an IRA
• Defer Bonuses or Other Earned Income
• Accelerate Capital Losses and Defer Capital Gains
• Watch Trading Activity In Your Portfolio
• Use the Gift-Tax Exclusion to Shift Income
• Invest in Treasury Securities
• Consider Tax-Exempt Municipals
• Give Appreciated Assets to Charity
• Keep Track of Mileage Driven for Business, Medical or Charitable Purposes
• Take Advantage of Your Employer’s Benefit Plans to Get an Effective Deduction for Items Such as Medical Expenses
• Check Out Separate Filing Status
• If Self-Employed, Take Advantage of Special Deductions
• If Self-Employed, Hire Your Child in the Business
• Take Out a Home-Equity Loan
• Bunch Your Itemized Deductions


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Diane Gardner, EA, CTC


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