Value of Thank You Notes

It is often said that is better to give than to receive. However, it is important to acknowledge when someone has done something for you. Whether it is giving a connection to a big job, a mention on social media or simply being there when you need someone to talk to, often people do both little and big things that deserve gratitude.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it is worth thinking about not just remembering to say thank you but also the meaning behind those words. People say “It’s the thought that counts”. This often refers to someone giving a gift, but equally the thought that goes into how you say thank you is important too.

The Challenge

This is partially the thinking behind the “Thank You” note challenge. For 10 minutes in the 20 days leading up to Thanksgiving, you write a thank you message to someone in your network. You could do more than one per day if you want but it should be at least one.

We could probably name one or two people who regularly support us and they would be the best people to start with. After that, it helps to look through your diary or calendar, seeing who you met up with and what happened after that initial meeting.

After that, you can look through your phone messages, emails, social media, and so forth. It shouldn’t take long to find people who have helped you get work, give you feedback, or do other small and large favors alike that deserve acknowledgment.

This should allow you to have enough names to cover the 20 day period, allowing you to show your gratitude to each one.

Ways to Give Thanks

There are varying degrees of ways you can give thanks to someone. One of the easiest is to write them an email, detailing why you are grateful to them for what they did. Another can be to physically mail them a card. A carefully written hand-drawn card will often make people feel special.

It can vary according to the profession. For example, people with artistic projects may have crowdfunding platforms you can support them on or you could check their online wishlists for items they want but haven’t bought for themselves. Local businesses often have gift boxes you can send out. This is an option that is ideal if you know someone who went the extra mile for you and deserves a little bit of extra acknowledgment.

Another way to show thanks is to produce videos that you can share on your website or social media platform, so more people can see why you are thankful for what they did for you.

Why this can benefit you

One of my Profit to Increased Profitability group members found that sending thank you notes boosted his mood and felt more motivated each day. Wright shared this about the challenge: “I’m finding that the days that I start my day by sending a thank you note put me in a better mindset and my whole day just goes better.” Message or email me to get a FREE Thank You Note template download.


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