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Congratulations on claiming your copy of the “Get Off The Wheel” book!

You should receive it in approximately 7-14 days. While you wait I want to share some important information with you.

You know your office isn’t operating at peak efficiency which affects your bottom line, the hours you must work, and your stress level. You probably know you need to make some changes in your office but you’re too busy putting out fires to even have time to think about it.

Let me guess….

  • You are ready to exchange a chaotic office for a streamlined, smooth running office with greater profitability.
  • You want more consistency in the way things are done and run, improving quality control.
  • You want to increase customer service and decrease your stress levels.
  • You want to have a life again instead of being the ONE go to person for everything.
  • Imagine a business that runs smoothly, employees and clients that are happy, and more freedom and revenue for you!
  • When you begin working your strengths, you will see your firm turn around
  • Thinking about taking on a new project or service offering – no problem!
  • You will be able to concentrate on growing your business and increasing your profits.


I began to develop various forms and checklists that could be easily accessed by everyone on my team. These forms and checklists were the beginnings of my current systems and procedures manual. I began to read every book I could find on how to develop systems and procedures. I attended conferences on this topic, listened to many webinars, and invested thousand of dollars in coaching in an effort to learn more. I was desperate to find the answer to my problem. Over the last four years my team and I have spent thousands of hours documenting each of the procedures that are required to operate my office efficiently. After much hard work, we now have detailed procedures for the following areas of my business: 

Admin staff 

Bookkeeping staff

Payroll processing staff

Accounting staff

Management staff

Tax preparation staff

You too can have these “done for you” procedure manuals.


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