Reduce Your Taxes By Thousands

Diane Gardner is guest starred on Docs Outside the Box Podcast with show host Dr. Nii Darko.

We all want to know how to do it: save money on taxes! On this episode we chop it up with certified Tax Coach Diane Gardner on ways physicians can save tons of money on their taxes. She also talks about her new book “10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes That Cost Medical Professionals Thousand$”.

Her goal is to make sure that entrepreneurs across the US are paying the least amount of taxes they legally should! Her tax coaching sessions have saved her clients over $1 million dollars to date. Besides the book she talks about on this show, she is a best-selling author of numerous other books. Diane has also been on numerous podcasts including Listen Money Matters.

Things to pick up in this episode:

  • Doctors have a higher likelihood to pay higher taxes than other entrepreneurs
  • Common tax deductions that docs miss out on
  • What is a deductible?
  • Biggest mistake docs make when working as 1099
  • Her tip to find an excellent CPA, tax professional
  • We play the game of “It’s all good vs…you ‘bout to get audited!!!”

Remember to listen to the end of the show about an amazing giveaway!! 

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