It’s Not How Much You Make, It’s How Much You Keep

I’ve spent many years working with service business owners and entrepreneurs as their accountant and trusted advisor. 

In the beginning, I thought it was enough to help my clients by keeping sure their records were clean and accurate.

I was wrong.

I never learned about the importance of tax-planning during college and the whole subject always seemed to have a negative connotation. 

A lot of people that I trusted thought tax-planning was wrong somehow, borderline illegal even. It wasn’t until I saw an ad for proactive tax-planning strategies and took the chance on the course did my eyes open to the possibilities for service business owners. 

That specialized training allowed me to join an elite group of Certified Tax Coaches, of which there are only 400 or so across the United States.

Being a Certified Tax Coach means my primary focus is to legally reduce the taxes for each of my clients and helping them take advantage of every credit, loophole, and savings opportunity that’s available to them, and I spend a lot of time investing in continuing education to stay on top of changes in the tax code.

Now, I work with service business owners all over the United States to help them develop their own tax-planning strategies that allow them to keep more of what they earn in their pockets. 

And the absolute first step is understanding the difference between tax preparation and tax planning.

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