We are always growing and looking for new superstars to add to our team! 

What’s in it for YOU to work at Adept Business Solutions? ( www.adeptbusiness.biz & www.taxcoach4you.com

  1. Established 25 year old firm that provides a coordinated approach to serving clients through bookkeeping services, income tax preparation, and proactive tax planning.
  2. Excellent learning opportunities as you work closely with a true entrepreneur in a growing company.
  3. A company that values exceptional customer service for both external and internal customers.
  4. Wonderful team of accountants and bookkeepers to work with.
  5. Full-time hours 
  6. Small town atmosphere



CURRENT OPENING – Part Time Front Office Receptionist

Are you friendly, reliable, outgoing, and resourceful?  Are you always seeking constant improvement, and exceptionally organized?   Are you looking for part time hours? Would people who know you describe you as someone who looks to help others first?  

If so, keep reading….

Here are a few requirements:

  • Loads of common sense
  • Exceptional organization and communication skills
  • Champion at meeting deadlines
  • Thorough and process oriented
  • Consistently punctual
  • Sense of humor
  • Great with people
  • Desire to work in a professional office (this is not a virtual position)

We are a fun, healthy public accounting firm, looking for an A-Player who is organized, self-motivated, results oriented, thorough, with experience running a front office. Is that you? 

We want a part time, long-term, All-Star Front Office Receptionist who gets pleasure out of assisting team members so they can help others create wealth through solid tax and accounting services.  Qualified applicants must enjoy learning, being stretched to grow, and will ultimately be an integral part of our family away from our families.  

Still a good fit? … If YES, keep reading…

Okay, here’s something you should know.

Everyone we add to our team MUST HAVE the following:

1 – Team Oriented – Our team member are hard working and self accountable.  They need to be comfortable being macro managed (which is the opposite of micro managed) and able to accomplish their goals in a team context.

2 – Be Extraordinarily Organized – You must have the ability to constantly juggle communicating with clients, doing the actual front office work, and assisting the rest of our team.  

3 Constant improvement –Our commitment to our clients is that we are better today than we were 6 months ago and in 6 months will be even better still. As a team member this becomes your commitment as well.  

Now…. For this Life Changing Front Office Receptionist role, WE PREFER that you:

  • Be proficient with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Have at least three years’ experience working in a professional office environment
  • Have the ability to receive helpful observations for improvement
  • Have the ability to be polite even if the client isn’t
  • Be able to be consistently punctual to work
  • Be willing to speak up if you disagree
  • Be willing to work with clients across the U.S. and make a difference in their lives


Please, No Whiners, Drama Queens (Kings), Or Complainers!  If you find yourself blaming others for your problems instead of taking personal responsibility, then you will not like it here.


**What’s In It For You?!?!**

Well, working with us would be the single most useful education you could get! We have a completely unique way of growing our accounting firm. You’d literally be getting paid to learn, and contribute value in the form of your positive energy and organization skills. We are a small business that likes to promote from within. Promotion opportunities are available for the right candidate.

You’ll be a part of an amazing culture where one can thrive and apply themselves creatively and practically.  Team members are asked to actively take part in our growth and asked to offer improvements to our existing processes.  (No crippling bureaucracy in this office!)  You’ll have a wide variety of different tasks that will offer a healthy challenge and a real feeling of accomplishment.  

Are there frustrating parts to the job?

Despite our best effort to provide an easy to follow process with simple instructions, there will be clients that don’t pay attention.  You’ll have to repeat yourself often and they may still find something to complain about.

Tax season also offers unique challenges.  Tax season may require longer hours and there will be what seems like a never ending stream of emails and phone calls.  On top of that, our goal is to get tax returns back to clients within two weeks.  So, you’ll have to work closely with our team to help us manage internal deadlines, as well as getting back to other clients on their needs. 

Still interested? ….Good!  Here’s your next step:

BEFORE taking action, re-read this ad twice and make sure it fits your philosophy.   We want serious inquiries only.   This position is open immediately.

If you see yourself as a candidate, then please reply to this ad, and email diane@taxcoach4you.com the following three things:

  1. Your resume with references
  2. Your salary requirement
  3. A letter that describes how you fit with the detailed description shared above, and
  4. Reply: “I’m Ready” in the subject line of the email.

Company Description: Adept Business Solutions is a public accounting firm that specializes in being awesome at tax savings strategy and increasing bottom line profits for our clients.  “Adept” means to be very skilled or proficient in something.  We help our clients take action with their tax and accounting needs so they can grow their wealth.  We are a 26 year old company located in Rathdrum, ID.  

Please note: We are not a “smoker friendly” office.

Our office hours are [9:00][5:00] Monday – Thursday. Minimum hours to be worked are Monday – Thursday [8:30][2:00].  Salary range is $15-$16/hour depending on experience.





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