Unleash the POWER of Tax Planning

12 Powerful Tax Strategies That Will Legally Reduce Your Tax Liability

By Diane Gardner, EA, CTC

When is the last time your tax advisor came to you with a tax-saving idea?

Are you confident you’re getting every available tax break?

Are you aware of tax-planning strategies that include: strategies for real estate investing, education planning, Opportunity Zone investments, captive insurance, qualified business income… and more?

If you can’t answer “yes,” you might be missing legal tax deductions, credits, and strategies that can save you thousands of dollars in tax year after year. Most entrepreneurs, even the successful ones, overpay their taxes simply because they don’t have all the information they need… the information I present in this book!

It covers a lot of ground, including these topics:

  • Tax Planning Strategies for Real Estate Investors
  • Maximizing Auto Expenses
  • Education Planning 101
  • The Complex World of Entity Selection
  • Making the Most of a Home Office
  • Employee or Independent Contractor?
  • Medical Benefit Deductions You May Be Missing
  • Retirement Planning Options
  • Opportunity Zone Investments
  • Captive Insurance Company
  • Qualified Business Income: What You Need to Know about Tax Reform
  • Selling a Higher Priced Piece of Real Estate or a Business?

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