How To Make Your Dreams Come True With Profit First Quarterly Distributions

Jan 15, 2023 | 0 comments

When you start implementing the Profit First Method, the first thing you’ll do is set up bank accounts for the quarterly distributions. Here are the five bank accounts that companies will typically set up. 

Operating account:  Your business revenue comes into this account and monthly operating expenses are paid from it. This account should be a checking account.

Profit: This account is usually a savings account and a percentage of revenue is transferred to this account from the Operating Account on a regular (weekly) basis.

Payroll: This account is generally a checking account and money is transferred into it from the Operating Account to make sure payroll and payroll taxes can always be paid timely. 

payroll- quarterly distributions

Tax: This account is generally a savings account and a percentage is transferred from the Operating Account regularly  (weekly) to pay business income taxes that are reported on your personal or business income tax returns.

Emergency: This account is generally a savings account and a percentage is transferred from the Operating Account on a regular (weekly) basis.

You may notice that these accounts are slightly different than what is shared in the book, “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz. I’ve found that these accounts seem to work better for businesses with a minimum of $1M in annual gross revenue.  By transferring money on a regular (weekly) basis, you have money set aside to pay YOU first, and you also have money set aside to pay your taxes, payroll, and ongoing business expenses, and you are funding an emergency fund, as well. 

Your Profit Account builds up over time and each quarter you take 50% of that for YOU to do as you please! (Unless you have significant debt. Then, you take 10% for yourself and apply most of the balance toward a particular debt to pay it down quicker.)

My coaching clients look forward to the quarterly profit distributions. This is their favorite time of year!! Look at what some of them have done with their profit distributions.

1 – Plan a vacation with their family (after all this is their WHY – spending time with family!). What a great reward for hard work. 

2 – Plan a home renovation, so that they can pay for it upfront and not run up a line of credit or another form of debt. (One of my coaching clients paid for a swimming pool to be put in her backyard!)

3 – Add it to their retirement planning portfolio. Smart! (What a great way to beef up the portfolio!)

4 – Save it up to buy a rental property to gain passive income (which can also contribute to their retirement plan). This is my favorite! Some have paid for a property with cash, upfront, and then all the rental income is theirs each and every month. Amazing! 

We’d love to hear what you’ve done with your quarterly profit distributions. Or, if you haven’t set up your bank accounts and started taking profit distributions, we’re here to help you! Let’s get you started with Profit First now! 

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