Myth Busting Profit First: Does It Even Work?

Jul 8, 2021 | 0 comments

Profit First has been fast becoming the go-to system for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to ensure a steady stream of profits from their business, with less of the headache and anxiety that comes from managing your money from the bank account. But for some people, Profit First sounds too good to be true…so we’re myth busting profit first.

Mike Michalowicz, the creator of Profit First, busts some of the most common myths about the Profit First system.

In the first video, Mike explains how Profit First is NOT an accounting system and doesn’t replace your existing accounting but actually compliments it by shaping and changing your behavior to help it work more effectively for you and your business. 

In the second video, Mike asks one of the most questions you can ask someone who’s telling you that something “can’t be done” or doesn’t work. Remember, if that naysayer doesn’t have any relevant experience with what they’re saying doesn’t work, don’t listen to them! Let’s bust the myth ‘Profit First Doesn’t Work’. 

Profit First has over 500,000 active implementations. That’s a pretty good sample size. If someone says Profit First doesn’t work, ask them what they have done with the system (did they even implement it?). 

Also ask one of more than half a million business owners who have implemented it to great effect and ask them what they did to make it work for them.  

Will the Profit First system work for you? Probably… but only if you actually put it into practice!

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